Tisonic Mega Power 460W PSU Review

Posted on 2004-05-14 22:39:39 by LSDsmurf

Within the last few weeks we've seen a huge amount of drama hit us in the video card sector. Both ATI and nVidia have debuted new cards that flat out cook. Scores of 10,000 pts on 3DMark 2003 are now a reality for the air-cooled crowd, and running full eye-candy is now something you can do at higher than 1024x768 resolution. Of course this power comes with a price, and even though both ATI and nVidia admit that their new cards use less power than their predecessor's, nVidia was rumored to need at the minimum a 460W power supply. Well, some of us out there are still using 300W, and if you are one of those people, and you're wanting to dwell into the insane world of 400fps in Q3, than you are going to need a new power supply. Luckily, we have a newcomer on the table today, and its hardly a budget unit, although it is very affordable, and once testing this PSU, we'll try and see if its advisable to shell out some cash for it. Lets take a look at this new company and what it has to offer us overclockers...

Link: ClubOC

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