Sensible Soccer 2006 Review

Posted on 2006-06-08 13:28:45 by LSDsmurf

With the World Cup closing faster than an ice cream stand in January, Codemasters aims to break the FIFA-PES duopoly with a touch of old-school charm. We take a look at whether this revival of the retro classic can claim a place in the football gaming hall of fame.

"There's a run button (each player has a certain amount of stamina available per game, indicated by a little meter above his head), and an arrow at your feet to show you exactly which way the ball's going to ping, but, apart from some periphery stuff (moving the goalkeeper and defensive wall around with the right analog), that's your lot. It's the 80s shoot-'em-up of football games - all speed and reactions, yet not without depth."

Link: Bit Tech

Sensible Soccer 2006

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