AMD Opteron 170 Review

Posted on 2006-06-14 15:25:23 by LSDsmurf

Neoseeker has posted a "review" of an AMD Opteron 170. Mostly this is an exploration of an opteron as an alternative to Athlon 64 systems. Its quite commonly known amongst enthusiasts that current Opterons have extremely strong bang for the buck potential thanks to great overclocking overhead. We explore this and more in our review, including air cooled 2.75GHz bench results (our OC results, as usual, are only done on completely stable systems that run continuously through our benchmarks).

"The Opteron 170 is an excellent processor for the gaming enthusiast. While all processors may not be able to overclock as highly as ours did with just the stock heatsink, some may go even higher. The fact is that with good memory and a good motherboard, we were able to significantly beat a stock FX-60, a processor that costs almost three times as much as an Opteron 170. Granted, when overclocked, the FX-60 beat the Opteron 170, but the bang for the buck goes to the Opteron."

Link: Neoseeker

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