XG Lazer Laser 2500 DPI Mouse Review

Posted on 2006-06-30 13:59:10 by LSDsmurf

XG may sound like a new company in the computer industry, but it is actually a division of MGE Company that is known for their affordable "computer accessories, power supplies, and cases for high-end PC systems." According to the official site, XG stands for "X-treme Styling, X-treme Cooling, X-treme Reliability, and X-treme Lifestyle". The XG Lazer Laser 2500 DPI mouse that we received from XG is one of the two gaming mice(the XG optical 2000 is the other one) that are being offered by XG. As the name implies, it is a laser mouse. What is great about the laser mouse besides the increase in the precision (up to 2500 DPI in this mouse), is the ability to use it on any surface.

Link: Bjorn3d

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