Sony Vaio U50 Mini PC Review

Posted on 2004-07-01 15:49:00 by LSDsmurf

While the Vaio U50/U70 sits somewhere between the power of a laptop and the portability of a PDA, it is still considered to be an "accessory PC", and it suffers from the same usage limbo that plagues other such computers. That being said, if you find a place for an ultra-portable PC in your life, you cannot find a better option than the Sony Vaio U50/U70. The U50 is a definite head turner, and completely capable of most any task that you would do on a regular desktop, laptop or PDA.

Why Sony chose to use standard Windows XP Home and not Tablet Edition is beyond us, since our only major complaint is the lack of a truly usable input method. However, if you plan to use the U50 as a slightly underpowered PDA replacement in your oversized pocket, or as a portable system with several docking stations, you will love the U50.

Link: Designtechnica

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