Coolermaster Musketeer 2 Review

Posted on 2004-07-19 17:35:35 by LSDsmurf

Cooler Master has had a slue of slick looking multi function panels in the past year, and today we will be looking at the second addition to the Musketeer line the Musketeer2. With the original Musketeer you had a slick looking panel using analog gauges; this really makes the Musketeer stand out from any other multifunction panel on the market. The first Musketeer had gauges to for temperature, fan voltage, and the ability to read the sound pressure level and adjust the volume accordingly. On the Musketeer2 we have the same volume adjustability, but now you can control both the left and right channel, along with analog gauges for both channels. You also have an analog gauge to show the level of hard drive activity. Let’s take a closer look and see if the Musketeer2 is what you need to add some flare to your case.

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