TDK AID+1280B 12x DVD Writer Review

Posted on 2004-07-21 14:54:27 by LSDsmurf

From the write transfer graph using Verbatim 4x DVD-R disc, the write technique for TDK 1280B is slightly better. This is because the write speed jumped to 6x and 8x at around 350MB and 1.6GB marks respectively, compare to 880N at around 850MB and 2.2GB mark. As the result, the average speed for TDK 1280B is 7.08x while 880N is 6.81x. In our actual burning test, TDK 1280B took 9min 30s while 880N took 9min 20s. Although 1280B is slightly slower for DVD-R, their different is less than 2%

Link: HardwareZoom

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