AVB USB 2.0 Mobile 4GB Drive Review

Posted on 2007-03-12 15:46:51 by Thomas De Maesschalck

It is certainly no secret that many of the larger companies in a quest to keep their computer systems secure have chosen to give their personnel USB flash drives. These flash drives can be programmed to allow everything from minimum to full access to the company's network. Flash drives ranging in size from 256 MB to a whopping 8 GB are not limited to business use either! Think of the removable memory you use daily in your digital camera, cell phone, and PDA just to name a few. Please don't confuse flash drives with some of their mini hard drive counterparts which began to appear on the market about a year ago. NAND Flash memory is actually an EEPROM chip that stores the data electronically, has no moving parts, and is much more impervious to data loss through damage than these mini spinning disks are.

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