HIS HD 2900XT 512MB Video Card Review

Posted on 2007-05-17 12:02:30 by Thomas De Maesschalck

The HIS HD 2900XT 512MB Video Card performs exceptionally well, supports DirectX10 and is highly overclockable. This Video Card has many technologies, a few include; a massive 512bit memory interface, Custom Filter Anti-Aliasing, Unified Superscalar Shader Architecture, Tessellation and High-Definition Multimedia Interface output support. The core speed on this product is 740MHz and the 512MBs of GDDR3 memory is 1650MHz. It comes with 320 stream processing units for vertex, pixel and geometry data, the pixel fill rate is 47.5GPixels/s and the memory bandwidth is 106GB/s. Watch the video to find out more and check out the bloopers at the end.

Link: 3dGameMan

HIS HD 2900XT 512MB Video Card

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