VIZO eSATA Uranus & Saturno HDD Enclosures Review

Posted on 2007-05-30 14:19:05 by Thomas De Maesschalck

We are in the age of mobile data and removable media. You can see it all around us. Most industry professionals keep a portable computing device in close company, and nearly everyone carries a USB flash drive on them. Cell phones double as MP3 players, and MP3 players double as personal video devices. It seems progressive then that external hard disks are quickly becoming something more of a personal carry item as their size grows smaller. Conversely, some stylish trends have managed to give a new look to the old ideas. So whether you are a mobile power user with compact storage needs, or discerning office user who enjoys a stylish environment, VIZO offers products to satisfy both needs, and Benchmark Reviews helps you to pick the best fit between their eSATA Uranus or the SATA Saturno.

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VIZO eSATA Uranus & Saturno HDD Enclosures

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