AreoCool FP-01 Multifunction Panel Review

Posted on 2007-10-08 17:40:45 by Thomas De Maesschalck

New from AreoCool is the FP-01, which is a 55-in-1 Multifunction Panel w/ Card Reader from Aerocool! This Multifunction Panel will fit in any 5.25" bay and has a car stereo style flip-out LCD Screen that looks killer. The Aerocool FP-01 is a fan controller, card reader and much more. Read on to find out what the FP-01 is like as we try it out in a PC with some SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) memory cards.

Quote: "Today we look at AreoCool's new 5.25 drive bay device, the FP-01. This unique little device that has just about everything one would want on the front of their case crammed into one nice package that takes up the same space as a optical drive..."

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