Gigabyte Odin GT 800W Power Supply Review

Posted on 2007-10-15 14:31:14 by Thomas De Maesschalck

Gigabyte has done a fantastic job with its first power supply - it's extremely quiet, very well made, good looking and it has cool additions like molex quick release plugs, modularity, thermal probes, fan adapters, colour co-ordination (mostly) and software control. I'm genuinely finding it hard to criticise it but my natural gut reaction is "motherboard turned accessory maker - additional business rather than a primary one" which may be true, but it's not to the detriment of the product.

There are certainly a few things that need revisiting, including airflow and connector lengths, but it's nothing particularly serious. My only worry is long term reliability, but there's certainly no outright reason to worry and nothing has been reported so far. Just check what it has suits your needs and stick it on your want list if you're all ticks.

Link: Bit Tech

Gigabyte Odin GT 800W Power Supply

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