MSI RX2600XT Diamond Plus video card Review

Posted on 2007-10-16 13:28:27 by Thomas De Maesschalck

For the most part, most of the current generation of upper mid-range cards (HD 2600 XTs, 8600 GTS's) that we have tested have been underwhelming -- many good cards, but none that really shined. Even the speediest of the upper mid-range video cards we've tested, such as the BFG 8600 GTS OC2, have been hard to recommend over other GPU's that offer either a lot more power for a little more cash, or a little less power for a lot less cash. The gap between the upper-mid-range, and the lower-high-end, has been so wide that you could argue that there isn't a upper-mid-range -- there's just the mid-range.

Link: Neoseeker

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