Kingston 4GB DataTraveler USB 2.0 Flash Drive Review

Posted on 2007-10-17 19:57:44 by Thomas De Maesschalck

High speed USB flash drives are a huge market with prices constantly falling and capacities ever increasing. Mention the word "floppy" around the office and people look at you confused like you are stuck in the 90's. USB flash drives provide a rewritable, dependable, and portable medium for consumers to transport large files between PCs or other devices. Capacities of 2GB, 4GB, or even 8GB are not uncommon for these tiny little solid-state drives. With plug-and-play for any modern PC, Mac, or Linux OS, there are no extra drivers required, simply plug in the drive and it shows up as another disk ready to use.

Link: EOC

Kingston 4GB DataTraveler USB 2.0 Flash Drive

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