Asrock 4Core1600P35-WiFi+ 775 Socket Motherboard Review

Posted on 2008-03-03 13:19:55 by Thomas De Maesschalck

But what if you want a great overclocking experience at a price closer to home? A price that won’t equal that of mid range Mercedes Benz monthly payment. What if you only could scrap up the funds to obtain a Intel Dual Core 2200 or 6420? Chances are you will want a board that is packed with all the features you must have like eSATA, voltage selections, Crossfire support and the rest of the features necessary to overclock the hell out of your CPU.

Asrock has told us that their new motherboard will do just that. The 4Core1600P35-WiFi+ BIOS offers many more of the features needed to overclock than any of their past boards. The adjustment of CPU and DIMM voltages is just a start to what most people on a budget want from a motherboard. If overclocking is not your thing Asrock’s latest offering gives you future-proofing as well via DDR2 and DDR3 slots. Is this all the new board has to give? Read the next pages and see.

Link: Pro Clockers

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