Lost: Via Domus for Xbox 360 Review

Posted on 2008-03-07 12:50:20 by Thomas De Maesschalck

In the end then, it’s purely a matter of judgement – is Lost: Via Domus worth a peek from the type of Lost fanatic who might have read this far? Personally, I’d say probably not. The new story released here is interesting enough if you’re really into the Lost franchise – but it is by no means essential to understanding the greater themes of the show. The dialogue between NPCs and the player is dull and minimal too, so don’t be expecting anything interesting to emerge about them either.

What we’re left with then is a mediocre game at best that is filled with poorly thought-out obstacles, many of which break from the style of game fiction the series has tried so hard to create. It’s a lame cash-in of the most obvious and derivative sort and it’s that which gives me the guts to just come out and say that the game was badly designed.

Link: Bit Tech

Lost: Via Domus for Xbox 360

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