Gigabyte iSolo 210 system chassis Review

Posted on 2008-03-27 13:45:05 by Thomas De Maesschalck

There’s basically two ways to look at the iSolo 210 and it depends if you’re a glass half full, glass half empty or an “I ordered a cheeseburger with my drink” kind of person. On one hand, you could say that the Gigabyte iSolo 210 is a little dull and uninspiring – certainly not as cool as my word association games may have convinced me it was. The inside of the case is very much by-the-numbers, the performance is solid but not truly outstanding and the same is true with the noise performance.

Then you can look at it the other way. You can say that this is a budget end chassis, that the case follows the standard design conventions for a reason and that the performance for the case is pretty damn good. You can say that the exterior of the case is pretty snazzy looking and that there’s plenty of room for modding. This is the view we’re leaning towards here, though we don’t really like the window all that much and we’d do away with the tool-less system if we could.

Link: Bit Tech

Gigabyte iSolo 210 system chassis

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