Silverstone Fortress FT01B-W Review

Posted on 2009-02-12 14:14:51 by Thomas De Maesschalck

As far as cases are concerned in the computer hardware industry, everyone has their own taste. Some people like huge cases and others like the ones that they can hide very easily. A lot of times people will say, 'I like that case because it looks cool', but then they get home and it's a nightmare to install their components.

Silverstone is a great leader in the computer chassis market and they have a very nice looking product that's very sleek and easy on the eyes. The Silverstone Fortress FT01B-W is a mid tower case that offers the functionality of a full tower, yet the quietness of a MiniATX case. Let's dig in and see what this case is all about.

Link: Bjorn3D

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