GTA IV Review

Posted on 2009-02-22 17:36:36 by Thomas De Maesschalck

Four years after the GTA: San Andres, Rockstar Games finally finished GTA IV for the PC. I already played the game for some hours half a year ago on a PS3 but I wasn't impressed at all. So now, 2 months after the PC version was released I gave it a try and bought it. And I have to say: You need a keyboard and a mouse to enjoy the game.

But, sadly, the PC version isn't perfect, too. For example it took me some hours to get the game starting at first. After downloading 15GB for the game I had to register for Rockstar's Social Club (don't ask me what I need it for). But you have to tell them in which country you live and they also want to know your ZIP Code and phone number. But the person who made the site where you can register failed: you can only enter US ZIP Codes and US phone numbers. So that took me about 45 minutes to find out (I now live in New York Liberty City :D). So now I was able to start the game I thought....

Link: Quentin Rademaker


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