NZXT TEMPEST EVO Computer Case Review

Posted on 2009-12-31 11:30:11 by Thomas De Maesschalck

NZXT really took their time in deciding which features would be the most beneficial to add, subtract or even keep the same. NZXT has recreated a case that not only keeps the positive aspects of its predecessor, but manages to surpass it in many ways. One such way is the improved air flow. This is in part due to the new blade design of the six included case fans, which were an improvement over the original Tempest. The exceptional cooling was able to drop my processor's temperature down 3C over the competition, helping it stay below the maximum rated temperature of 62C. Another improved feature is the cable management. The original Tempest had physical features that could be limiting while trying to hide cables, and some of the cable management options just just unusable.

Link: Overclockersclub


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