Asus P67 1155 Sandybridge Sneak Peak Review

Posted on 2010-11-14 20:57:10 by Thomas De Maesschalck

We are all too aware of Intel's intention to phase out LGA1156 in favour of a new platform. I suppose in some ways it would be understandable to see the demise of the enthusiast 1366 platform; after all it has been around since the final quarter of 2008. Strangely it is its simplified sibling that faces the chopping board of hardware demise at the ripe age of 14 months. Why might you ask? The simple answer is that the changes in architecture justify it - and on that bombshell, you'll eventually stop screaming with frustration and finally accept it. However, with any change in socket design, the processor forms only one piece of the puzzle....

Link: Overclock3D

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