Gigabyte Z68X UD5 B3 Review

Posted on 2011-05-12 20:21:13 by Thomas De Maesschalck

The LGA1155 socket has had a difficult birth since its first appearance on the scene a few short months ago. Firstly we had the problem with the early P67 chipsets and their SATA ports causing data loss on certain channels. Intel went away into their R&D department and came back with the B3 Revision of the P67 chipset and all seemed right in the world. We saw a rapid influx of motherboards all bearing the B3 branding and it seemed that finally the LGA1155 had settled into the slot vacated by the short-lived LGA1156. Apparently solving the P67 problems weren't the only thing Intel were beavering away at, as following the B3 Revisions out the door, so close it must have been bumping into it, is the Z68 Chipset.

Link: Overclock3D

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