SteelSeries 7G Mechanical Keyboard Review

Posted on 2011-10-19 11:56:20 by Thomas De Maesschalck

Simply an amazing keyboard! - I was struggling a bit at how to start this and figured why not just cut to the chase? - Once again, the SteelSeries 7G is just an amazing keyboard. Ignoring all the features and just getting stuck into using it, you can't help but feel the quality of the 7G being second to none. Still, we can't ignore those features, so let's not and instead get into what's going on.

The SteelSeries 7G, like most keyboards we see these days, is mechanical. The big difference between it and so many others is the fact it uses the Cherry MX Black switches over the more common Blue and Brown. Known as the worst switches when it comes to typing, they're considered the absolute best when it comes to gaming.

Link: Tweaktown

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