Cooler Master HAF XM Computer Case Review

Posted on 2012-04-24 10:34:22 by Thomas De Maesschalck

At Benchmark Reviews, we have established that the main three items to look for in a computer case are price, functionality, and style. All three of these are vitality important for a case that will be taking up space in your home or office for the foreseeable future. None of them should be overlooked. As a gamer, I take a special interest in Full Tower cases because of the functionality they offer. But sometimes Full Tower cases are just too big to fit comfortably where they need to. Mid-Tower cases can provide a lot of the functionality of a Full Tower case but with the style that might be preferred, depending on the circumstance. It's the balance of providing that functionality that often gets case manufacturers into trouble. Benchmark Reviews has Cooler Master's new HAF XM case on hand and this article is dedicated to discovering if the famous HAF-X's little brother holds true to the family tree.

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Cooler Master HAF XM Computer Case

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