Mistel MD650L Barocco Keyboard Review

Posted on 2018-11-23 16:16:38 by Thomas De Maesschalck

Mistel Keyboards, or simply Mistel, as will be henceforth referred to for convenience, made a debut in the TechPowerUp review vault with their MD870 SLEEKER keyboard late last year. It was a 87-key TKL form factor keyboard that was a departure from what made them popular—the split keyboard design. This year, the company has indeed gone beyond even this to explore new realms with a fanless PSU that impressed our power supply editor. All this does not mean that Mistel is giving up on their forte, however, with our own review of the MD600 Barocco RGB keyboard from earlier this year being evidence of this. Indeed, if you fancied something mechanical, split, and novel at the same time, this review is for you. Today, we get to take a close look at the MD650L Barocco keyboard, and thanks again to Mistel for providing a review sample.

Link: TPU

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