Galax KFA2 RTX 2080Ti Hall of Fame 10th Anniversary edition GPU – The £1800 GPU! Review

Posted on 2019-10-23 13:16:45 by Thomas De Maesschalck

Back in August I gleefully updated my PC system with my dream GPU, the HOF RTX 2080Ti from KFA2 (Galax). In the video I made a mention of the 10th anniversary edition of the card but never thought I’d be able to see one in the flesh let alone have a play around with one! The 10th anniversary HOF RTX 2080Ti is really something special to look at and even features an inbuilt water cooling block for improved cooling performance. It’s pretty hard to justify spending £1800 on a graphics card but it is definitely a special piece of technology that I was very pleased to take a closer look at…

Link: Kitguru

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