Posted on 2004-02-19 17:48:02 by LSDsmurf

LITE-ON IT, in its latest attempt at optical drive perfection have re- introduced their 8X4X/4X2X DVD±R/RW with different optics. This new drive carries the incremental model number of LDW-851S as opposed to the LDW- 811S of the older version. Some say these new optics were introduced because their old supplier couldn't keep up with LITE-ON's production, other are speculating that these new optics will usher in their newer line which will burn 8x on BOTH DVD+R and DVD-R instead of just 8x for DVD+Rs. This will make many people in the DVD-R camp extremely happy as the DVD burning enthusiasts consider DVD-R the superior media form.

Link: EnvyNews

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