EVGA XR1: Full-Featured High Quality Stream Capture Review

Posted on 2021-05-07 17:02:00 by Thomas De Maesschalck

HDMI capture cards, or HDMI capture devices, are extremely valuable tools with a wide variety of uses. As the description implies, these devices allow virtually any HDMI feed to be routed through them to be captured by a computer. The HDMI inputs on capture devices can be used with game consoles, video cameras, or even another computer -- just about any HDMI video source. This signal can then be encoded on the fly for a livestream, recorded for preservation, or both simultaneously. Most capture cards also allow for an HDMI output which passes a signal through the device, directly to a display with minimal latency. The market is fairly saturated with models capable of taking in 1080p60 footage and spitting 1080p60 footage out, but some devices are able to cater to more specific needs and offer higher quality output options. The EVGA XR1 Capture Device is one such solution which may appeal to gamers with 4K or otherwise high refresh rate or high resolution displays, who also wish to stream or record at 1080p...

Link: hothardware

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