Revoltec Gamepad Precision Pro mousepad review

Since I found this website in 2002 I've had quite a few mousepads in my hands. Some people say mousepads are redundant these days because modern optical mice work fine on your desk without one but I don't think that's the case. Good mousepads add comfort and accuracy. Today I'm taking a look at the Gamepad Precision Pro mousepad from Revoltec.

Revoltec isn't well known so I'll start with a little introduction. Revoltec is a brand from a German firm called Listan. That name will probably not ring a bell in your head but maybe you know them from their other be quiet! brand which makes power supplies, noise absorption mats, and case fans.

Besides mousepads designed for gamers Revoltec also has gaming keyboards, mice, coolers, CCFLs and other products for case modding and computer enthusiasts.

The Gamepad Precision Pro is part of their GamePad Precision lineup. This mousepad features two surfaces: a rough one to make extremely fast movements possible and a fine surface to make highly precise movements in games. Revoltec says the rough surface is great for low-sense gamers and the fine surface should be great for hi-sense gamers.

The Revoltec Gamepad Precision Pro arrives in this nice box.

After opening the box you'll notice that Revoltec ships this mousepad with a LAN carrying bag.

That's definitely a nice special feature. While transporting your mousepad to a LAN party the bag should prevent that your mousepad bends or gets dirty. Inside the bag, you also find a piece of tape. You can cut pieces of this tape and attach it to the pads on the bottom of your mouse, this should make your mouse glide more easily and faster over the mousepad.

Lets take a look at the technical details:
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 275mm x 225mm x 3.5mm
  • Compatibility: Compatible with all standard mouse types, including laser technology
  • Features:
    • Two unique surfaces
    • Highly precise movements and low friction resistance
    • Special slip-resistant rubber frame and rest for the heel of the hand
    • Ships with glide tapes

  • The mousepad is placed in this rubber frame.

    The rubber frame features an anti-slip bottom so your mousepad won't slip on your desk.

    Another special feature of the rubber frame is the wrist rest.

    The mousepad has two sides. This is the LowSense side:

    The LowSense is flat but has a rough feel, the HighSense side feels a lot less rough. Both sides are black and feature a nice Revoltec logo on the bottom right corner. The pad has an average size, if you want a bigger mousepad you could consider the Precision Advanced.

    After choosing which side you want to use you have to push it into the rubber frame.

    To test this mousepad I used two mice: the wireless Logitech MX1000 and the Revoltec FightMouse.

    The mousepad performed pretty well, I've already used dozens of plastic mousepads and this one definitely ranks among the top.

    Both sides perform well and too be honest, besides the way they feel, I can't really spot a difference between them. However, for people who still use ball mice the rough side should provide much better tracking results.

    The rubber rest felt nice but I can imagine that some people will dislike this feature. It's possible to use the mousepad without the rubber frame but if you do this the pad will probably slip on your desk.

    Honestly, I can't say much bad about this mousepad. It performs well, looks nice and should be very durable. The only problem that may keep you from buying it is the availability. Outside Germany and some other European countries this mousepad will be pretty hard to find. Pricing varies from store to store. In some German stores it sells for only 15.90EUR which makes it a bargain considering all the extras like the nice LAN bag it ships with, but in other stores it can cost as much as 27EUR.

    The Good Stuff
    - Mousepad offers good performance, tracking and accuracy
    - Ships with a nice LAN carrying/protection bag
    - Has two sides
    - Nice rubber frame with anti-slip.
    - Includes glide tape.
    - Relatively cheap.

    The Bad Stuff
    - Some people may not like the heel rest.

    I give the Revoltec Precision Pro mousepad a 9/10.

    Added: April 7th 2007
    Product reviewed: Revoltec Gamepad Precision Pro mousepad
    Reviewer: Thomas De Maesschalck
    Score: 9/10

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    Thomas has been messing with computer since early childhood and firmly believes the Internet is the best thing since sliced bread. Enjoys playing with new tech, is fascinated by science, and passionate about financial markets. When not behind a computer, he can be found with running shoes on or lifting heavy weights in the weight room.

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    Comment #1 posted by Anonymous on 2007-04-12 01:57:06
    Hi, Im Mauro, from the Netherlands and Ive just bought this mousepad. Ill just sum up some things:

    + Nice Lan-bag
    + Nice Style
    + Very good accuracy
    + Features both high- and low-sense pads (I do feel the difference and I like high-sense)
    + Doesn't slip
    + I love this brand and I have a lot of stuff from Revoltec so this is a nice addition.
    + Really does what you expect it to do.
    + I like the wrist rest.

    - Dust and crumbs and stuff could get stuck between the pad and the frame. Hasnt really hapened with me though, so not much of an issue.
    - I dont really understand how I should attach the glide tape, doesnt stick very well. Anyway, I dont need it, so who cares.
    - The biggest issue I found was that after a week of usage the wrist rest started to lose its pitch-blackness and became a bit dull (Im sorry, dont know the right word). Not a big problem either. Doesnt bother me at all and you only see this if you look well.

    If u want to send me an email: m a u r o _ v o s AT h o t m a i l DOT c o m