Koolpcmods Deluxe Laser Etched Dragon Window review

Today we’ll be having a look on the laser etched dragon window from Koolpcmods.com

Koolpcmods is based in Ogden, Utah, and sells lots of cool laser cut and laser etched stuff:
They have clear window kits in more than 20 shapes (with or without laser-cut holes for 80mm fans), starting from only $13.95, to deluxe etched window kit’s with very nice laser-etched pictures on it like dragons, aliens, skulls, and even a moon print for only $29.95, they also accept custom windows for $43.95
Except for windows they also sell case badges, laser-etched fan grills (both can be made custom to your needs), and much more...

The window kits
Each window kit comes with the molding (H or U style), a washer, a paper with the install instructions and of course the window.

U-style molding H-style molding
U-style Molding H-style Molding

U and H-style molding
Difference in installing

Tha kit
The whole kit
Oh my God he will fire up my hardware!
Oh my God , he will fire up
my hardware with his breath!

The paper
The install instructions
The washer
And finally the washer

Installing the window takes about 1 hour.

Cut it !
Yes that’s my victim for this mod.

First trace the window on the back of the case with the washer.
The next step is the cutting. We first drilled a hole a few centimetres from the line that we just drew, and after that we've cut it out with a jigsaw. (This took about 7 minutes)
Now be careful cause the edges of your panel can be very sharp, it’s the best to round them a bit first with a file!

My side panel after the cutting
My side panel after the cutting

I’ve got the H-style molding so I’ll discuss how you’ll need to install that type of molding.
The H-style molding has 3 grooves, the thinnest groove slides over the hole in your side panel. The molding is a bit too long so carefully cut off the remaining piece. Make sure you don’t cut off too much!

Now pull of the protecting adhesive paper back of the window and slide it into the opposing groove of your molding. And finally join the side groove of your molding with the locking strip. This can take a while and in my case it was quite hard. I did this with a screwdriver and my fingers.

Pulling of the adhesive back of the window.
Pulling of the adhesive back of the window.

Congratz mods done!
And finally a pic with the window inserted

Well I must say that I’m very happy with my laser-etched window from Koolpcmods !
The etching job from Koolpcmods is very detailed and looks much better than window appliqués. A normal window kit from most shops costs about $15 to $20 so one of Koolpcmods deluxe etchings is a very good choice for only $10 more, if you don’t already have a case window of course.

Greeny dragon Blue Dragon

The dragon with green and blue lighting... WTF? Is he eating a cable? :P

A closer look on the detail of the dragon

They’ve got an impressing range of laser etched windows check it out at www.koolpcmods.com !

  • The good stuff:
    - Detailed quality laser etched pics
    - They have lots of different shapes and etchings to choose from
    - They accept custom work on windows
    - Quite cheap

  • The bad stuff:
    - Installation can be hard

    This product gets a 9/10!


    Added: December 31st 2002
    Product reviewed: Koolpcmods Deluxe Laser Etched Dragon Window
    Reviewer: LSDsmurf
    Score: 9/10

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