Dynatron UV Reactive Fans review

We’ve already done a review of a LED fan in the past and now we’ll be having a look on the UV reactive fans from Dynatron. They have a blue, green and orange version.

Dynatron was founded in 1991 in Taiwan, since then the production of fans has increased hugely and in 1995 they’ve opened a new head office in Fremont, California. Later they also opened other branches for sales operation in Walnut, Southern California, Miami Florida, and in Toronto, Canada.
They focused to develop more state-of the-art cooling products, and as a result of that they’ve obtained a substantial growth in sales and market share!

The Fans
Some quick specs :
Model number : DF1208SM
Fans size : 80mm
Frame and Blade material : UL94V-0 Plastic
Bearing type : Sleeve
Weight : 70g
Voltage : 12V
Input current : 0.14A
Input power : 1.68W
RPM : 2700
Air flow : 34CFM
Noise level : 30 dBA

Orange fan Orange fan back

The front and back of the orange UV reactive fan

Green fan
Green fan back

The front and back of the green UV reactive fan

The fans arrived in a plain white box because Dynatron at the moment only has an OEM version of the fans, but I’ve been told that they will maybe get a retail package later.

I’ve got the green and orange-colored version of these UV reactive fans. They seem to have 2 versions of these fans because the green one had a Molex connector and a 3 pin connector ( for motherboard read out only, power comes from the Molex connector) the '3 pin connector' only has one wire and I must say that it gave me a fragile impression. The orange fan however had a Y-Molex connector.

Both fans running
Here you can see them running

I’ve been testing the RPM readout of the green fan and it mostly gave me results between 2650 and 2800 RPM

Now some little temperature testing on my test system with a room temperature of 20.5°C :

Case temp without case fans: 27.7° C
After 15 minutes with one UV-fan in my drive bay mod : 24.4° C
After 15 minutes with my 2 case fans (one in and one out take) : 24.3° C
And finally after 15 minutes of running with the UV fan as out take fan and my 2 case fans : 23.2° C

And here you see them react to UV!

And a pic of the back!

Dynatrons UV reactive fans produce about 34 CFM which is the average amount of most 80mm fans that you will find. Now that may of course not be a good reason for you to get them, but the real reason to get these fans is that they are colored AND UV reactive!
They look very nice with a UV Cold Cathode and I’m sure that they will look very cool in a case with UV Cold Cathode + UV reactive rounded cables!!
Price is between $7.99 and $9.99

I give this product a rating of 8/10

The good stuff :
- UV-reactive & colored
- Looks cool
- They produce a good airflow

The bad stuff :
- The wire of the 3-pin connector gave me a fragile impression

In my case
And to end , a little pic with the green one in my case


Added: January 2nd 2003
Product reviewed: Dynatron UV Reactive Fans
Reviewer: LSDsmurf
Score: 8/10

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Comment #1 posted by LSDsmurf on 2003-01-05 06:50:15
That they have a colour and not just black or clear.

Comment #2 posted by Anonymous on 2003-01-05 05:43:20
WTF is colorded ????????? and even more ???????