Thermaltake Smart Case Fan2 review

Thermaltake was founded in 1999 and their major products are heat sinks, CPU coolers, DC Fans, and thermal products. Their headquarter is in Taiwan and there are 4 other quarters around the world.

The fan
Fan dimension : 80x80x25 mm
Rated Voltage : 12VDC
Started Voltage : 6VDC
Rated Current : 0.20 AMP ~ 0.70 AMP
Power Input : 2.4W ~ 8.40W
Fan speed : 1300 rpm at 20°C , 4800 rpm at 55°C
Max. Air Flow : 20.55 CFM at 1300 rpm, 75.7 CFM at 4800 rpm
Air Pressure : 1.45mm H2O at 1300 rpm, 8.43 H2O at 4800 rpm
Noise : 17 dB at 1300 rpm, 48 dB at 4800 rpm
Bearing Type: Two Ball Bearing
Life Time : 50,000 hours
Connector : 3 and 4 pin

The fans arrived in a nice yellow box width clear front so you can see the fan in the box :-) .
- The orange fan
- A nice fan grill, it’s stylish and still allows a good airflow
- Some screws for the fan and the grill
- Thermal sensor
- 3 to 4 pin connector
- fan speed controller
- and some thermal tape to attach the thermal sensor at for example your cpu

The temp. sensor

Manual control button

The connectors ( 3 pin to 4 pin with 3 pin connector for RPM readout)

The Smart Case Fan 2 has 3 settings. The first one is the Full Speed mode at 4800 rpm. This lets the fan rotate it has a maximum of rpm and makes sure he’ll produce a lot of airflow (75.5CFM).
The second one is the manual fan speed control. You can control the speed of the fan from 1300rpm to 4800rpm. Just plug in the controller and you can control its speed!
The third function is the temperature control function, how higher the temperature how higher the rpm and its airflow. From 1300rpm at 20°C to 4800rpm at 55°C. So this fan provides the best speed for your computer.
My normal case temperature is about 28°C. After plugging to senor to and waiting 5 minutes, my temperature was 25°C. 15 minutes later the temperature was 23°C. Nice isn’t it?

The Smart Case Fan2 produces about 20.55 CFM to 75.7 CFM, quite a lot for an 80mm fan isn’t it? But unfortunately at this speed of 4800rpm its sound level is rather high with 48 dB (CAN you still hear me??). A good thing are his 3 settings: You can have the full speed, you can control the speed from 1300rpm to 4800rpm with the controller, or temperature-controlled.
You won’t regret it if you buy one.
I give this product a rating of 8/10

The good stuff
- temp. sensor
- quiet
- orange, looks good
- performs well
- comes with fan grill
- male/female molex connector

The bad stuff
- Creates some wire mess
- Only in one colour


Added: February 1st 2003
Product reviewed: Thermaltake Smart Case Fan2
Reviewer: Lordrazer
Score: 8/10

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