BitFenix Colossus review

Opening the door reveals the five 5.25" drive bays. The bottom of the door has a vent to enhance airflow and most of the front is made out of mesh.

Changing the opening direction of the door takes just a couple of minutes. The door itself feels very solid but unfortunately the hinges feel a bit flimsy, and I'm not sure if BitFenix has addressed this issue in the final production version of this case.

Here's a closeup of the front which exposes the cable management, the security lock and the blue power on LED and red HDD activity LED. Unfortunately, I also discovered some scratches in this area, these were not very big but hopefully BitFenix will take measures to prevent this on the retail versions of this case.

On the picture below you can see a closeup of the door of the BitFenix S3 storage and security system. You can use this compartment to store your phone, a hard disk or other valuables and lock them away for safe keeping. Additionally, you can also use it to lock down USB peripherals like mice and keyboard, and the cables of these devices can be nicely routed via the cable-holding front bezel. Unfortunately, the door is made out of plastic so if anyone really wants to steal your gear it won't be that hard to do so if they have some tools like a screwdriver or a knife.

Lifting the door reveals the I/O area and the fan/light controls. In the middle is a big round knob that enables you to adjust the RPM of your fans, to the left are the power and reset button and to the right you can find the controls for the LED light system. One of the minor issues here is that all four buttons have the same shape, you have to be a bit careful not to mix them up in the dark.

The left edge features the usual I/O ports: two USB 2.0 ports, microphone input and headphone jack.

Additionally, the BitFenix S3 dock also features two USB 3.0 ports and one eSATA port.

Added: September 28th 2010
Product reviewed: BitFenix Colossus
Reviewer: Thomas De Maesschalck
Score: 9/10
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