Fractal Design Define XL case review

Moving on to the rest of the exterior now. The side panels of the Define XL have a black color and the left panel has room for a 120mm or 140mm intake fan.

Define XL left side 


All side panels are fitted with noise absorbing material and the left panel features Fractal Design's ModuVent feature. A cover fitted with noise absorbing material is mounted in the side panel fan hole, allowing users to choose between lower noise or higher airflow.

Define XL side 

panel fan cover

The rear of the case has quite a lot of honeycomb-shaped ventilation holes, as well as a 140mm exhaust fan, the PSU backplate and two pre-cut holes for watercooling tubes. Interestingly, the PCI slot covers are white and have an air vent like design.

Define XL rear

There are seven PCI slot covers plus a vertical one for the installation of devices like PCI fan controllers (included with the case) or CCFL light switches.

Define XL white PCI 


Turning over the case we stumble upon yet another interesting feature, the Define XL has a removable dust filter to protect your power supply's fan.

Define XL bottom

PSU area dust 


You can also see the four plastic feet, they have a metal-like look and are equipped with rubber pads to prevent scratching your desk.

Define XL feet

Not much to see on the right side of the case. Both side panels have a black matte finish and are secured to the body with thumb screws.

Define XL right panel

Added: April 12th 2011
Product reviewed: Fractal Design Define XL case
Reviewer: Thomas De Maesschalck
Score: 7.5/10
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