Skyhawk Galaxy Lx Case review

Today we have a look on the Skyhawk PSR-4616B7 aka Skyhawk Galaxy LX case

Product shot from Skyhawk
Skyhawk is one of the most renowned manufacturers and distributors of computer products in Greater China. After years of untiring efforts,the Group has become an eminent supplier of the most complete line of computer and server peripherals in the region and has devloped a wide range of other products for its customers .Apart from the manufacturing of premium computer peripherals ,it also focuses on developing and manufacturing the IPC networking server barebone system,which comprises server cabinet,fast ethernet switch,KVM switch,IPC chassis,UPS,redundant power supply,hot swap mobile rack,patch panel and cable connector.In addition,via introducing state-of-the-art technologies,the Group is able to provide total solution to its customers.

First we'll be taking a look on the specifications of this aluminium case from Skyhawk :

Specifications of the case
- The series PSR is applicable to Personal Computer, PC server system and so on
- Material: Aluminium alloy
- 6 x 3.5" bays
- 4 x 5.25" bays
- Dimensions(mm): 485 x 200 x 410(D x W x H)
- Motherboard: ATX, Micro ATX, P3, P4
- Power supply: free select
- PCI reinforcement bar for firmness
- Thumb screws easy for disassemble
- Fans on both front and rear for the air flow circulating thoroughly
- Front panel with multi-media/USB/IEEE1394 modular ports (optional)
- Weight : 1.6-1.7kg

The box

And the case

In this rather dirty looking box (due the shipping) came this beautifull looking case

The case arrived in this box, it was a little bit damaged and dirty due the shipping. However inside I found the case in a perfect state, well protected with a plastic bag and polystyrene plates.
The very first thing that I noticed when taking the case out of the box was that it is EXTREMELY light, it's really a feather weight among all the other cases I have.
It's only about 1.7kg light! When taking of the plastic box I saw that it had a beautyfull designed front panel! But I also noticed they were forgotten to put an aluminium brushed plate in one of the 3.5" baycovers :/

Added: February 5th 2003
Product reviewed: Skyhawk Galaxy Lx Case
Reviewer: LSDsmurf
Score: 9/10
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Comment #1 posted by Anonymous on 2003-06-27 10:22:16
This is a nice case1! the looks are so cool.. I have been looking for a case like this for a LONG TIME!! But now its time to find out how to order this case!!