Sunbeam EL Strip review

Yet another Sunbeam product in DV Hardware's test lab! It's colored, 1.2cm width, 150cm long and it gives off a colored light what is it? An EL Strip!
Sunbeams EL Strip is basically available in orange, yellow, blue, green, light red, and many other colors.

First here's a quick look at the specifications and features of the EL Strip :
Features :
  • Self-adhesive backing sticks to anything stickable!
  • Fully bendable and configurable
  • It may be cut to different lengths all of which will glow individually
  • Comes in any color of the spectrum you can think of
  • Using a small power converter that is easily hidden and can run two light strips at once
  • Negligible power consumption
  • No heat generated from the strip(which is always well)
  • The Lightstrip is fully weatherproof
  • The connectors have been well covered in heat shrink so there is no chance of electric shock
  • Inverter almost reaches dumb
  • The Strip has longer lighting width than others
  • Plug&Play works right off your computer's power supply
  • Plastic and Off-the-shelf casing is a perfect style sales
Specifications :
EL Strip Inverter
Brightness : >30 cd/m
Burning life : >15000H(straight)
Length : 150cm
Light width : 1cm
Input Voltage : 12V (DC)
Output voltage : ?90V(AC)
Freguency : ?1KHZ

Front of the EL Strip package The back of the EL Strip package
This is the package where the EL Strip came in

Sunbeams EL Strip came in a nice-looking retail package. The EL Strip kit consists out of the 2 parts :
- The EL Strip which is about 1.2cm thick (1cm is for the EL Strip wire and about 1mm on both the left and right is from the plastic sheets that protect the EL Strip wire) and it's 1.5m long. It has an adhesive backside so you can stick it to almost anywhere you want it to stick at.
- A small inverter with an adhesive backside so you can hang it in your case wherever you want it. Small negative note about this inverter : It produces a rather noisy buzzing sound although Sunbeam says it's quieter than inverters from other manufacturers. Mostly you won't even hear it actually because it isn't as loud as most fans so only when you have a very very quiet system you'll hear it. So it's safe to say that most users won't even hear the sound that it produces.

The EL Strip doesn't give off as much light as for example a Cold Cathode but I do have to say that it gives a nice effect! It's just bright on its own unique way and capable of lighting up a specific part of your case, like the edges.

The EL Strip kit The EL Strip
The EL Strip kit ; The EL Strip and the small inverter

Closer look on the inverter It can power up 2 EL Strips
This is the inverter, like you can see on the second pic it's able to power up 2 El Strips

Out And on
The EL Strip on my carpet

Around my front panel EL Strip around my front panel
The EL Strip around the front panel of my case. If you look good at the first pic you'll see his limited bendability at the edges of the bottom, their is a solution for this, for more information check out this guide at Bit-Tech

Around my monitor Stickin' on my screen
Another cool usage, you can barely see it on these pics but the EL Strip gave a very cool glow under my screen!

Conclusion :
EL Strip can be used for many various modding projects, but one of its biggest limitations is its bad bendability, you can't bend it either to the left or to the right like EL Cables. So I think EL Cables are a better choice than EL Strips because they are more bendable and also because they have more usages (Like keyboard mods, around windows and fan holes,...) But you can still do many things with EL Strips as long as you're creative and use it on flat surfaces like the borders of your case or monitor.

Pro's :
- It's a cool gimmick
- The light looks cool especially in dark
- It's cutable
- Inverter can power up 2 EL Strips
- The EL Strip is cutable
- EL Strip doesn't generate any heat
- Has many usages if your creative

The bad stuff :
- Inverter produces a small annoying buzzing sound
- Limited bendability

This products receives a 7/10 from DV Hardware


Added: February 8th 2003
Product reviewed: Sunbeam EL Strip
Reviewer: LSDsmurf
Score: 7/10

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