Zowie FK mouse review

Both the left and right side of the FK feature two thumb buttons to serve left- and right-handed users. Because the mouse doesn't use a custom driver, all customizations are done via button combos.

By default the mouse is set to right-handed operation but you can switch to left-handed operation by pressing the left mouse button plus the scroll wheel. Switching back to right-handed operation is done by pressing the scroll wheel plus the right mouse button.

The USB polling rate can be changed in a similar fashion, the mouse supports 125Hz, 500Hz and 1000Hz. You can change this value by holding down the thumb buttons on the left side of the mouse when you first connect through USB. By holding down the lower button on the left you can switch to 1000Hz, the upper button is used to select 500Hz and 125Hz can be picked by holding down both buttons simultaneously.

Zowie FK mouse left
Zowie FK mouse right

The FK's rear looks very flashy and features two large teflon gliders. Like most electronics peripherals, this mouse is manufactured in China.

Zowie FK mouse rear

The mouse uses a customized Avago A3090, a quite popular optical mouse sensor. The DPI rate is user adjustable from 450 to 2300 dpi by pressing the tiny black button right next to the sensor. The multi-color LED above the DPI button indicates the dpi rate. Red means 450dpi, purple is 1150dpi and blue corresponds to 2300dpi.

Zowie FK mouse sensor

Like Zowie's other mice the FK doesn't require software, you plug it in and you're ready to game. As explained earlier in this review, all of the mouse's customization is done on the mouse itself but this may not be enough for some. It's not possible to assign a different functionality or a macro to one of the thumb buttons without using third-party software and I'm also somewhat disappointed that there are only three dpi settings to choose from.

Comfort-wise a lot will depend on your hand's size and how you grip your mouse. The mouse itself feels a little too small for my large hands, I think it's a better match for people with small to medium-sized hands. I'm also not really a fan of the mouse's very low weight (85g) but ultimately it all comes down to your own preferences. When buying a gaming mouse it's best to try out a couple of mice to discover which one best suits your hand and your gaming behavior.

The build quality of the FK feels decent enough, the cable isn't braided like you see with some other gaming mice but the mouse itself feels solid and its coating has a nice feel and is easy to grip. One thing I do dislike is the FK's noise level, the mouse buttons are rather loud.

The gaming performance of the FK is excellent, it performs well across all three dpi levels and offers perfect control. In FPS games the mouse sensor will not let you down, it follows your movements very smoothly and precisely. The sensor doesn't use any prediction nor acceleration, allowing finer movements, and has a very short lift off distance.

The Zowie FK is a no-frills gaming mouse that excels in gaming performance, the device has minimal friction and provides great tracking across all dpi settings. The biggest downside is the MSRP of 59.99EUR ($59.99), quite a hefty price tag for a mouse without any extras.

The Good Stuff
  • Great tracking
  • Very short lift-off distance
  • Ambidextrous
  • Easy DPI switching
  • No drivers
  • Big teflon feet (and package contains a replacement pair)

    The Bad Stuff
  • May be too small for big hands
  • May be too lightweight for some
  • Loud
  • Only three dpi options
  • No drivers
  • Pricey

    DV Hardware awards the Zowie FK gaming mouse with a 8.25/10.

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    Added: January 27th 2014
    Product reviewed: Zowie FK mouse
    Reviewer: Thomas De Maesschalck
    Score: 8.25/10
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