Crystalfontz 632 USB LCD Screen review

Yeah, CrystalFontz LCD review!

Today we'll be taking a look on the Crystalfontz CFA632FNLY-U LCD screen from LC Design. This LCD screen is the 632 LCD screen from Crystal Fontz with a USB connection. It has 2 lines with a Yellow/Green LED Backlight and it's STN Negative, Blue. The USB connection makes the installation easier because you only need one cable for both power and data. The serial LCD modules need 2 cables, one for data and one for power. The USB version is fully compatible by using a 'Virtual COM port" driver.

CrystalFontz 632 USB LCD screen Feature list
  • The LCD material for the positive displays is FSTN (Film compensated Super Twisted Nematic) instead of STN. FSTN gives better contrast, faster response and makes an all-around more readable display.
  • The display has the ability to store a customized boot screen of your design in its EEPROM. All features of the display are controlled: characters displayed, user-definable characters, backlight setting, contrast setting, cursor position, cursor style, “wrap” setting, “scroll” setting, and even the scrolling marquee.
  • The CGROM is an enhanced version with many more useful characters: numeric superscripts, icons, mathematical symbols, some fractions, a great variety of arrows, many currency symbols, and more.
  • Available with 632 PC Mounting Bracket
  • Large, easy to read characters: 7.3mm (0.287") character height
  • Available with bright, even, software adjustable LED backlighting or in a low-power reflective model
  • Software controlled contrast
  • "Gapless" horizontal bargraphs
  • Software controlled terminal style automatic scrolling and line wrapping
  • Unique "Scrolling Marquee" feature continuously scrolls a message across the display without host intervention.
  • Buffered communication
  • Single board construction--no connectors to fail
  • Large display area in a compact 108mm x 43mm (4.25" x 1.69") package
  • Thin:
    • Reflective is 15.9mm (0.626") including DB-9 connector
    • LED Backlit is 19.9mm (0.783") including DB-9 connector
  • The USB converter board and its compact connector does not add to the overall thickness of the module.
  • Negative voltage for contrast generated on board

  • The LCD screen came well packed in a box within a sheet of bubble plastic. In the package I also found the additional drive bay mounting bracket

    The CrystalFontz LCD screen The PCB plate of the LCD screen The USB connector
    From left to right : on the first pic you can see the LCD screen. Without being powered up it looks dark blue. The second pic is the PCB plate on back of the screen. On the right you can see 2 little switches, they are used to config the baud rating of the LCD screen. Even more to the right you have a serial connector, and in the lower middle you have an extra PCB plate which is used for the USB connection. On picture number three you can see the USB connector.

    The black mounting bracket The back of the mounting bracket
    Front with LCD screen installed The back with LCD screen installed
    From left to right : On the first picture you have the black mounting bracket. It consists out of an iron bracket with a black adhesive plastic front attached to it. Also note that it has a clear plastic to protect the screen of your LCD module. On the second pic you can see the back of it and the screws to mount the LCD screen. On the third pic the LCD screen mounted in the mounting bracket. And on the last picture you can see the back of the bracket with the LCD screen installed. Installing it is really simple.

    Added: March 3rd 2003
    Product reviewed: Crystalfontz 632 USB LCD Screen
    Reviewer: LSDsmurf
    Score: 9/10
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