Cooler Master Jet 7 HSF review


A few weeks ago, Coolermaster released a new cooler, which can be added to their famous collection of heatsinks. The Jet7 cooler is the 'brother' of their latest cooler: the Aero7. Let's have a look to the differences between Jet7 and Aero7. Jet7 has a bigger and more beautiful looking fan, but a cheaper aluminum with copper base heatsink?
Do you think this is better or not? Well, lets have a look.


  • INTEL : PIII up to 1.33 Ghz, Celeron up to 1.4 Ghz
  • AMD : Duron up to 1.3 Ghz, AMD Athlon XP up to 3200+ and higher
  • Socket type: Socket A, 370, 462
  • Dimensions (H/S): 74x60x40 mm
  • Fan dimension: Blower 80x80x80 mm
  • Fan speed: 1900 ~ 3500 rpm
  • Fan airflow: 19.82 ~ 22.10 CFM
  • Fan noise: 25.1 ~ 40.4 dBa
  • Fan Air pressure : 3.15~10.70 mm H2O
  • Voltage Rating: 5.0 ~13.8 V
  • Heat sink Material: Copper base with Aluminum stacked fin
  • Connector: 4 pin (power input), 3 pin (speed detection)
  • Weight: 490 g

    The CFM values do not sound very impressive, and with 40.4dBA it looks like this is a very weak and ineffective fan. But this is not true. The pressure is a lot higher than a normal fan design, and the 22.10CFM actually feels a LOT higher.

    The Jet7 actually looks a lot like the jet engine from an airplane don't you think?

    Here are a few more looks at the blower.

    The underside of the blower, and the Jet logo on the blower.

    The heatsink
    Well the photos explain almost everything about this heatsink. It has a copper base, and aluminum fins. I was a bit disappointed with the base though. There are a lot of machine marks on it, and it was not very reflective like you can see on pictures. The base is screaming for a good lapping!

    What do you get? - Coolermaster's introduction
    Let's have a look on what we have over here. We have the Jet7 cooler himself, a PCI and a 3.5" bracket, some screws and the white 'goop' thermalpaste.

    The blower looks awesome. A very, very nice design! The Jet in the name of this cooler will without a doubt refer to the jet engine of an airplane, and I repeat it, this looks awesome! The brackets and the screws (4 black ones) are the same as the Aero7 ones. And then the heatsink: The heatsink has a copper base with aluminum fins. This is cheaper and easier to make than a full skived copper heatsink, but performs less.

       Coolermaster's introduction: Coolermaster wrote a small introduction for the Jet7:

    CoolerMaster's newest product, JET7, has finally arrived. The new and improved Jet blower derives from the successful Aero blower. The amazing Jet7 comes with an incredible blow that provided high airflow with equally high air pressure and rpm rating. On top of the improved blower, Coolermaster also matches the Jet blower with a new high-performance stacking fin heatsink which allows more heat dissipation area.

    Thanks to Coolermaster's creative R&D team, the blower housing resembles a jet engine, especially with the bright LED lights placed on the front and the rear of the blower. You will not regret your purchase when you join the force with us and feel the vigor!

    Install the Jet7

    The installation was very easy, and you get a small installation manual when you buy the Jet7. I don't gonna write much about the installation, because it's easy and you can do it yourself by using the manual.

    The white LED on the front blinks every few seconds while the red LED in the back keeps shining the whole time

    Testing the heatsink

    When I was testing the Jet7, I realized that the Aero7 beats the Jet7.When they are running at full speed, the full copper heatsink of the Aero7 clearly shows its profit. But, the Jet7 makes less noise than its older brother.
    On the other side, when you turn the speed lower, the Jet7 cools a lot better then the Aero7. But, on the noise side, the Aero7 wins this battle.
    So I can conclude, that the Jet7 cools better at a low speed, but that the Aero7 wins the battle at full speed. The noise of the Jet7 is also lower at full speed,but the noise of the Aero7 is lower at a small speed.


    The Jet7 beats his older brother with his looks. But on most sides, the Aero7 beats his younger brother in performance. The Aero7 his performance is a lot better at full speed and is also less noisy.
    If you want to buy one of these two great coolers, you must choose. Do you want a high performance at full speed, Buy the Aero7.
    But if you want high performance on the lower speed with some more noise on high speed, with a unique look to impress your friends then you must buy the Jet7.
    You can choose what you want to buy, but keep in mind that the blower of the Jet7 looks awesome.
    Ow yes, the Jet's has also a white LED in front, and a red LED at the back.

    When I must make a choice between Aero and Jet7, I will choose the Jet7 because of its cool looks.

  • Awesome look, unique blower design
  • Great performance with a low speed

    Cons, things that could be better
  • Less performance than Aero7 on full speed
  • Higher noise than Aero7
  • The Copper base needs a lapping!

    The Jet7 from Coolermaster recieves 7/10 from Darkvision Hardware !!

    Added: October 10th 2003
    Product reviewed: Cooler Master Jet 7 HSF
    Reviewer: LORDrazer
    Score: 7/10

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