Mio 269 mobile navigation system review

Resolution: 320 x 240, 8-bit (256 colours);
Processor: Intel PXA255 300Mhz;
Internal memory: ROM 32Mb; RAM 64Mb;
Internal storage: 2.5MB, user accessible 700 MB, map data pre-installed;
GPS Chipset: Sirfstar II with Xtrack;
Battery: 1350mAH;
Size: 138mm x 72-78mm x 26mm;
Weight: 232g;


Box Contents:
The Mio 269;
Remote Control;
Head phones;
UK/Europe power supply;
ActiveSync software (web based); and
User guide CD (PDF format);
Backup maps CD;
ActiveSync USB transfer cable;
Car charger;
External car antenna;
Car mounting kit;
Bike mounting kit;

case pointer the remote
earphones USB data cable power cable

System Use:
Switch on the unit and work through the initial system set-up for date & time, then wait for a few second for the unit to initialize itself and load up the operating system and that's it! The operating system has four application icons on the main screen:

Navigation: The GPS navigation software "MioMap CE", this includes visual (2-D and 3-D) map and voice directions to the destination, and more than 1 million points of interest, including airports, automated teller machine (ATM) locations, Museums stations and restaurants; this is the first version of the software so it should get better, see below.

Music: A very cute MP3 player interface, with some interesting preset graphic equalizer settings.

Contacts: A basic address book type application, your contacts can be transferred across and viewed on the Mio 269, but it is not a synchronization tool as the transfer process is one-way only: Desktop to Mio 269 not very useful since you can't upload to your computer, and to update you have to download the entire address book again.

Settings: Allows customisation of the system settings and shows the battery status.

car power car mount car GPS receiver
mount system bike mount included software

Added: August 3rd 2005
Product reviewed: Mio 269 mobile navigation system
Reviewer: Michael Hart
Score: 7/10
Page: 2/5

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