Netgear Storage Central SC101 review

Good stuff:
1) Supports spanning and mirroring capabilities.

2) Discrete device eliminating the need for an additional computer/server.

3) Can support unlimited storage within the physical limitation of the two drive bays.

4) Once the interface drivers are installed, all Windows applications are able to utilise the attached drives as 'local' drive letters.

5) Easy to install and set up assuming a simple home network.

6) Supports block-level data transfers and fast response time being slightly better than USB 2.0 or fire wire external hard drives.

7) Inexpensive compared to similar products. Pre-configured network-attached storage (NAS) devices range from £200 to £1,500.

Added: December 16th 2006
Product reviewed: Netgear Storage Central SC101
Reviewer: Michael Hart
Score: 7.5/10
Page: 2/4

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