UltraFXP v1.0

Posted on Friday, January 16 2004 @ 21:09 CET by LSDsmurf

UltraFXP is an FTP client for Microsoft® Windows. It can transfer files from FTP servers directly to and from your local hard drive, or transfer files between FTP sites (site to site transfer). The user interface is very intuitive and full of features, synchronization of folders and drag 'n drop.

v1.0 (2004-01-16)

+ Move up/down for HighLights
+ Global skip list added %D% %F% to identify dir/files. %D%*book* will skip dir matchs *book*
+ Now UltraFXP remember Remote/Local position of Left/Right window, If want the both remote window as old version. set it and restart UltraFXP
+ "Test" now working for site group (site manager)
+ Buffer lines of Log (Setting/General)
+ Optional Use SkipList for per site (site manager/transfer)
+ %all% Tag for raw command. will send command to all active servers
+ Proxy "12. USER ftpuser@ftpHost ftpPort" support
+ Ctrl+R raw command window now accept Raw variable too
+ SSL Type for Quick connect dropdown menu
+ Ingore file extension when Compare Folders
+ Select non match when Compare Folders
+ PRET support for drFTPD (site manager/option)
+ UF_MIRC now support send command to mIRC direct by '' prefix
Example: UF_MIRC('server') is same as do "/server" at mIRC

- At Tab mode, sometimes UltraFXP show a wrong tab caption
- When file size > 4gb, local window show a wrong file size
- Sometimes cant load queue with task
- Now queue thread remember source ftp position of window when reload/restart
- Now dynamic size display apply to file only
- When restart UltraFXP, Task type with "Run Once" started asap.
- When goto local parent directory. local window didnt locate the parent entry
- Highlights didnt working when SkipList enabled and SkipList dont apply to directory
- when "update cache when transfering" , didnt update cache when directory is a link
- Now UltraFXP will remove dupe subdir has same name as parent dir when "smart chainfxpdir" enabled
- When site xml encrypted and start UltraFXP, if click cancel button still show main window
- When upload/download, Disconnect from Server raise Access Exception error.
- Now "When file exists"/"ask" rules will reset to init value after queue finish
- Now queue failed because of no hdd space, will be marked as failed status
- Now will switch to Remote Window automaticlly when connect to FTP Server
- Default file exist rules change to: small/auto resume, same/auto skip, big/auto rename
- When transfer thread error, Queue thread didnt released Lock of Site
- Remote/Local bookmark now is alpha sort again
- Speed progressbar now is showing when uploading/downloading
- Wrong speed status when resume transfer
- Speed timer now count from RETR command
- Sometimes cant empty temp directory
- was auto locate FTP directory when enter a sub directory
- Now FTP thread will wait Server reply when server reply a empty msg
- Cant read complete FTP reply log if reply log line without a reply code prefix
- Wrong progressbar text when resume download and download size > 2gb
- Wrong background paint at bookmark page of site manager
- Time for "FXP sync failed" now max 7200 seconds

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