IsoBuster 2.3 beta

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IsoBuster is an award winning , highly specialized and easy to use CD, DVD and blu-ray (BD, HD DVD) data recovery tool. It supports all CD / DVD / BD / HD DVD formats and all common file-systems ... Rescue lost files from a bad or trashed CD or DVD disc, save important documents, precious pictures, video from the family, your only system backup, ... IsoBuster can do it all !

  • Support for DVD-VR (show different recordings)
  • Support for DVD-VFR discs. Auto-detect the IFO / VOB / BUP file-sets
  • Support for the DVD+VR standard on DVD-R/W discs
  • Support for DVD+VR 2.0
  • DVD+VR Title of recording shown (if available)
  • DVD-VR Title of recording shown (if available)
  • DVD+VR TimeStamp parsed and shown
  • DVD+VR "ULEAD SYSTEMS" workarounds (2.0 without proper Video start address / 2.0 without version byte set)
  • Show GMT Offset when date-time is known for an IFO file object
  • Auto-recognition support for 2056 byte / block image files
  • Added IsoBuster path to DOS box PATH variable
  • SectorView via the command line
  • Open / Close via the command line
  • Set install exe's file-version
  • Remember size of ListView Columns
  • Display address of Metadata file in UDF properties window
  • Improved Time and Date display in ListView. Take User-set variations in acount when present.
  • Various smaller improvements.
  • Fix for UNC file-paths (and other protocols) when passed via the command line

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2.3 beta
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