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ImgBurn is a lightweight CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray burning application that everyone should have in their toolkit!

  • Added: Support for the TAO write type as a real option rather than just a fallback if SAO fails.
  • Added: Support for burning APE/FLAC/WV files with an embedded CUE sheet as if they were normal image files.
  • Added: Accurate audio duration calculation (via a dummy decode pass just before the burn) leading to less gaps/padding and no missing audio data.
  • Added: Support for new booktype related options known as 'Active Setting' on NEC/Optiarc drives (to swap between the 'Permanent' and 'Temporary' setting)
  • Added: The ability to have the open/save dialog boxes always default to the folder specified in the 'File Locations' tab within the Settings window. (otherwise it'll default to the MRU one)
  • Added: 'New Project' option to the File menu in Build mode.
  • Added: When the program is unable to find any cells to use for the LB when buring a DL disc in Build mode, it now tells you extra info about which cell to split and where to do it.
  • Added: Support for reading discs recorded using the TAO write type.
  • Added: Context/popup/right click menu to the 'Add file or folder to source list' button in Build mode (the green +) with the option of 'Clear Source MRU List' on it.
  • Added: Options to enable/disable the success/error sounds after certain program functions.
  • Added: 'Show Non-Present Devices' option to the 'Automatic Write Speed' form when 'View By' is set to 'Device' (It's enabled by default).
  • Added: 'Translated By' field to the 'About' box.
  • Added: The ability to define the start LBA when building an image - useful for custom disc layouts.
  • Added: Variable 'PreGap Snapping' whereby gaps will snap to the nearest second (multiple of 75 frames) if within the specified range. (i.e. 1 second, 72 frames will snap to 2 seconds)
  • Added: If you don't enter a path for the file in Build/Read modes it'll use the 'Image Files' default one configured in the Settings (File Locations tab).
  • Added: You can type a relative path into Build/Read modes destination box and it'll resolve it when you click Write/OK.
  • Added: Saving a project file now writes the previously selected LB info from the 'Create Layer Break' window. This can then be used when loading the IBB via CLI so the user isn't prompted to pick a LB, thus allowing for batch builds.
  • Added: 'Don't Enable Sound' checkbox to the ImgBurnPreview options.
  • Added: A button in the settings to reset the burn statistics.
  • Added: 'Device.CDROM' Shell extension option where you get 'Read using ImgBurn' as an option when you right click on any CD/DVDROM drive. (It's off by default because windows appears to make it the default option - hence double clicking on the drive opens ImgBurn!)
  • Added: Option to turn off the funny quotes on the Ez-Mode Picker screen. (For people without a sense of humour ;-) )
  • Added: The ability to sort tracks in the order of the 'Track Number' field in any available file 'Tag' within the 'Create CD CUE File' window.
  • Added: The ability to define a default folder for Project files (*.ibb).
  • Added: The ability to define a default folder for Language files (*.lng).
  • Added: Support for 'WavePack' files (*.wv) in the 'Create CD CUE File' window.
  • Added: A failed read of a sector in read mode now maps that sector to a file name and the result is shown in the log.
  • Added: Support for reading unicode file names in MDS v1.5+ files.
  • Added/Changed: When running in 'Portable' mode, certain paths will be saved relative to the exe's folder if they're at the same level or below it. (i.e. 'D:ImgBurnSoundsSuccess.wav' becomes '.SoundsSuccess.wav')
  • Added/Changed: When build mode detects you're building DVD Video/HD DVD Video/Blu-ray Video/OS installation discs, it now tells you exactly which settings will be modified in the 'conflicting settings detected' message box.
  • Changed: When saving an project file, the initial file name is now taken from the image file name (but with an 'ibb' extension), falling back to using the volume label, then MRU value and finally just 'My Project.ibb'.
  • Changed: Handling of manually entered file names in build/read mode to parse environment variables.
  • Changed: Updated ImgBurnPreview.exe to the latest code - this one has support for audio.
  • Changed: If the bootable image (in Build mode) isn't a multiple of 512 bytes in size, the user can now choose to proceed anyway.
  • Changed: Tweaked some of the TOC parsing code to work around bugs found in certain drives.
  • Changed: Tweaked the UDF file system parsing code to minimise the amount of random access reads and potentially speed up the process by a substantial amount when lots of files are present.
  • Changed: You can now build 'pure' bootable images/discs without having to add a 'dummy' file to the source box.
  • Changed: The 'Restore Defaults' button in the settings now resizes itself to fit the string.
  • Changed: The 'Languages' list is now sorted alphabetically.
  • Changed: Limited the initial height of the 'Create CD CUE File' window to that of the desktop area (for people using 800x600 and below where it wouldn't quite fit on the screen).
  • Changed: Settings screen is now wider to better accommodate longer translated strings.
  • Changed: The buttons on the 'Filter Drivers' screen now auto-resize themselves to fit the translated string.
  • Changed: The 'Create MDS' windows now uses picture buttons for Add/Remove/Move etc just as the 'Create CUE' window does.
  • Changed: All controls have been changed to the 'TTnt*' unicode style so you can use/view a properly translated GUI on a normal 'English' Windows install.
  • Changed: The folder 'IBB Files' now defaults to using the name 'Project Files'.
  • Changed: The folder 'IBG Files' now defaults to using the name 'Graph Data Files'.
  • Changed: The folder 'IBQ Files' now defaults to using the name 'Queue Files'.
  • Changed: Moved some of the 'select a folder' type options in the settings to a new 'File Locations' tab.
  • Changed: The 'Start' button in Read mode is no longer disabled when CSS/AACS protected media is detected. There's just a warning that it won't work (warning can be disabled in the settings).
  • Changed: Date/Time pickers in Build mode now display the selected date/time according to the 'Short Date' format as found in Regional Settings within Control Panel.
  • Changed: Log entries for 'File System(s)' no longer translate the 'None' word when there's no file system present in the image. (The Log is supposed to be English)
  • Changed: Removed the need for a second basic parsing of the file system on the disc when in Read mode (as the automatic destination file name was generated).
  • Changed: Under Vista/2008, the Volume Label displayed by ImgBurn is taken from the 'File Set Descriptor' (when set) rather than the 'Logical Volume Descriptor' to match the behaviour of Windows.
  • Changed: 'DVD+R Reserve Track' is now enabled by default.
  • Changed: Removed the pre-read/verify 'Samsung Set Magic Speed' option. It was often slow to complete and not very well supported by some Samsung drives.
  • Changed: Optimised the code that checks for interfering programs so they're all done at the same time rather than individually.
  • Changed: Updated the code that checks for interfering programs to look for newer versions of DVD43.
  • Changed: Prompt user if auto retries of tray cycling still don't make the drive initialise the disc properly between write and verify.
  • Changed: Handling of the 'Delete the image when done' option when the image is a CUE file. The user can now delete the CUE without deleting the files it calls upon (if more than 1).
  • Changed: The 'Open/Save As' file dialog boxes within the Log window now default to the 'Log Files' file location as specified in the settings.
  • Changed: The 'Open/Save As' file dialog boxes for IBB, IBG, IBQ and LOG files now default to the appropriate folder - as specified in the settings.
  • Changed: Some of the messages that can pop up when performing 'Display IFO Layer Break Information' on a drive so that they're appropriate for a drive rather than an image file.
  • Changed: Updated ImgBurnPreview to v1.1.1.0 - Based on Jeanl's latest code.
  • Changed: The log entry for 'BookType' now displays the permanent setting unless the 'Active Setting' is actually set to 'Temporary', in which case it displays the temporary one!
  • Changed: Modified the names of the 'Browse for...' entries on the 'File' menu to make them less confusing.
  • Changed: 'Read Disc Information' command reverted to asking for 32 bytes of data, not 34. (Some dodgy drivers appear to hang when it's 34)
  • Changed: Updated the installer to NSIS 2.36
  • Changed/Fixed: Removed the double image file initialisation when trying to burn the currently selected file in Write mode when it wasn't actually marked as 'Queued' in the Write queue (i.e. having already burnt it).
  • Changed/Fixed: The 'Automatic Change Book Type' option for NEC drives now sets the 'Active Setting' to 'Temporary' so the correct value is actually used.
  • Changed/Fixed: Tweaked some of the code that deals with expanding relative paths passed via CLI or stored within IBB project files.
  • Changed/Fixed: Most of the forms are now dynamically created at runtime as and when need. This cuts down on the resources used by ImgBurn (especially GDI objects) and speeds up the loading time. (GDI object count is down from ~1100 to ~550)
  • Changed/Fixed: CD-TEXT options/controls in the 'Create CD CUE File' window are now disabled when the selected track isn't an audio track.
  • Changed/Fixed: Silently fail (failure is still logged) when MCN control fails with the 'ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED' error code.
  • Changed/Fixed: Potential workaround for drives that hang when being queried to see if they support labelflash.
  • Changed/Fixed: Better ACM 'acmStreamConvert' handling so the program knows when all the data has been converted (even when buffered under Linux/Wine).
  • Changed/Fixed: When verifying, if the track on the disc is smaller than the one in the image file the user is asked if they want to continue or not. If they choose to, the disc's track is padded out (zero filled) to the size of the image file's track so that the verification process works properly. (otherwise it would just sit there waiting for more data that was never coming)
  • Changed/Fixed: Don't add the current image file name to Write mode's 'Recent Files' list when a 'Read' operation fails.
  • Changed/Fixed: The 'Delete image' button on the 'Insert next disc' window didn't prompt the user when deleting multiple files (like in a CUE with lots of audio tracks).
  • Fixed: Incorrect handling of 'desktop' at the start of a destination image file path in Build/Read mode if it was followed by another folder name - i.e. 'desktop ew imageimage.iso'
  • Fixed: The default paths (i.e. before any settings have been read) were incorrect when loading the program with the '/PORTABLE' CLI switch.
  • Fixed: When writing a multisession disc, the 'Writing Session X of X' and 'Writing Track X of X' log entries weren't always being written if the session/track was small.
  • Fixed: A bug when attempting to send a CUE Sheet to the drive ending in the error 'SendCueSheet Bug! - CueSheetVariant 13' being shown.
  • Fixed: Wrong 'REM LEAD-OUT' entry in *.cue file when created using the 'Create CD CUE File' window.
  • Fixed: Better support for old drives that want weird LeadIn/LeadOut 'DataForm' values (non MMC compliant values) in the 'SEND CUE SHEET' parameter list.
  • Fixed: A bug preventing the 'Logical Volume Identifier' field in the 'File Set Descriptor' from being updated when changing the volume label of an image.
  • Fixed: The Layer Break 'Preview Selected Cell' feature didn't always work when working with Image Files/Drives - the preview window would take ages to appear and the 'ImgBurnPreview.exe' process would need terminating via Task Manager.
  • Fixed: Problem with analysing track pregaps on drives that fell back to using the 'Read Sub-Channel' command when 'Read CD' failed.
  • Fixed: Various problems when using the legendary 'old skool' Plextor SCSI CD-ROM drives.
  • Fixed: When SAO wasn't available and the program fell back to using TAO, multi track images weren't burnt correctly. (They came out as 1 long track because I'd made no effort to make it work properly!)
  • Fixed: The 'Add file or folder to source list' button in Build mode was being enabled after 'Calculate' even when there was no text in the field to it's left.
  • Fixed: Access violation when you're in Build mode with Device output and you press 'Cancel' on any of the prompts that come up before the build actually starts.
  • Fixed: A problem where ImgBurn could get stuck at the start of a read/verify operation.
  • Fixed: When reading a disc using only ISO9660/Joliet file systems (no UDF) from DVD+RW/DVD-RAM/BD-RE the image would be 1 sector too short.
  • Fixed: Divide By Zero bug if you terminate a verify operation whilst it's still analysing the tracks on a CD.
  • Fixed: Memory leak if you cancel the 'Open' file dialog box from within the Log window.
  • Fixed: A problem where a file name such as 'desktopimage' in the Read mode destination box was not being parsed correctly to have 'desktop' replaced AND the '.iso' file extension added.
  • Fixed: The 'ACM' audio decoding fallback method wasn't working - acmStreamConvert failed.
  • Fixed: CD-TEXT info at 'Disc' level wasn't always added to the CUE file made by the 'Create CD CUE File' feature.
  • Fixed: When warned that 'Test Mode' *might* not work with the current media (and the user accepted the warning), it was actually being turned off rather than being left on.
  • Fixed: The 'Changer Control' buttons were sometimes being disabled when they shouldn't have been.
  • Fixed: 'Retrying (x of y)...' was wrong in the log when close track/session/disc failed at the end of the burn. x was always 1 number too big.
  • Fixed: No image being added to the combobox on the medium changer control window when running under Vista.
  • Fixed: The 'Medium Changer Control' feature didn't work properly on Vista/2008.
  • Fixed: Incorrect file name sorting in the ISO9660 file system - files starting with '_' came before the others using 'A-Z'. (This prevented WinXP install discs from working)
  • Fixed: Memory leak when loading a CUE containing multiple index points for the same track.
  • Fixed: Read modes 'Default Destination - MRU' option wasn't working.

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