Reaper 2.3

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REAPER is reasonably priced Windows software for multitrack audio production.

  • Automation: Preliminary send/hardware output volume/pan/mute automation recording, per-send automation modes
  • Automation: new pref for bezier interpolation of envelopes (project->defaults)
  • Automation: vastly improved recording behavior, configurable return-time
  • Peaks: in-memory conversion of ancient (pre-1.07) reapeaks files for faster peaks drawing overall
  • Peaks: new sample-level crosses-and-lines view option
  • Peaks: antialiased peak/waveform view (preference defaults to on, not supported on OSX but OSX has native AA)
  • Peaks: fixed occasional bug where first peak in a channel is -1
  • Fixed rendering, glueing, apply fx, etc for extremely long items (more than 2^31 samples)
  • track routing dialog now shows the proper pan slider image
  • added option to center vertical zooms under mouse cursor
  • audio device status: more display precision on small latency values (T,MP!)
  • VST: better preset handling for some older VSTs (digitalfishphones, etc)
  • VST: safer VST FXB/FXP loading
  • VST: faster generic UI controls (T,MP!)
  • VST: better timeinfo reporting, support for extended timeinfo reporting measure count
  • Virtwnd: better support for small updates of big virtual windows (used by new generic controls)
  • MIDI items: better tracking/sending of CCs when seeking
  • FX add dialog: disabled renaming of ReWire devices (as it was never implemented)
  • FX window: reduced excess undo state changes due to comment field
  • Tooltips overhaul (T,MP!)
  • Pan laws: setting a pan law of +XdB now means that signal is boosted when panned
  • Track meters now have optional indication that they are clickable when record armed
  • Track meters can now optionally not show record input selected
  • Better menu for track record mode button
  • ReWire slave: better performance, fixed repeat button thrashing with some host apps
  • Main window has dead zone along track panel resize edge
  • ReaInsert: fixed playback issues when a non-existing input is set for return
  • Mac: Preliminary AU support, support for AU with ReaMote too
  • Mac: Vast improvements in AU and VST gui display
  • mp3 seek/sync/EOF fixes (corrects vanishing peaks at the end of mp3 items)
  • Themes: possible fix for random system image in some themes bug
  • Control surfaces: included Deric's Yamaha 01X surface support
  • Control surfaces: updated MCU support from spacelabstudio:
  • MCU: Option for F1-F8 goto/set(ctrl) markers
  • MCU: Option for better touch handling for fader moves
  • MCU: Added user feedback (via LEDs) for Save/Undo
  • MCU: REW/FF buttons changed to Prev/Next marker.
  • MCU: Solo button (near transport) clears all solos
  • MCU: Double click track select/solo selects/solos single track exclusively
  • MCU: Automation LEDs follow track selection, buttons control selected tracks
  • Cockos += Schwa. HOT.

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