aTunes 1.9.0

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aTunes is a powerful, full-featured, cross-platform player and manager, with audio cd rip frontend. Currently supported formats are mp3, ogg, wav, wma, flac, mp4, ape, mpc, mac, radio streaming and podcasts.

- Custom button shapers for player controls
- Improvements on play list auto scrolling
- Added popup menu button to show all opened play lists
- Improvements on startup time
- Sort songs by modification date in navigator (feature request [1890500])
- Tags and Folders tags merged in new Repository tab
- Device view reworked
- Fading effects for tooltips if Java 6 Update 10 is used
- Added JavaDoc documentation
- Update system now supports unstable versions
- Improvements on repository selection dialog
- Application ask user to restart app when changing some preferences
- Show notification for new podcast entries in status bar (feature request [1958192])
- Expanded and selected nodes remembered in folder view
- LyricsDirectory engine added
- Support for optional Nero AAC encoder added
- Support for CDParanoia on Mac OS X (thanks to Roeland Maes)
- Arrange columns button moved to playlist popup button
- Use custom icon for every type of favorite nodes in favorite tree
- Added option to show/hide navigator tabs text
- Added option to place navigator tabs at left or top
- Pressing Enter on playlist starts playing selected song
- Added option to show / hide tool bar
- Audioscrobbler panel tabs customized by type of information (song, radio, podcast)
- Show audio object info on first Audioscrobbler panel before lyrics are retrieved
- Pressing enter will apply changes in InputDialog (thanks to Aekold Helbrass)
- FIX: Opening a song from OS file explorer is ignored (Bug [1954405])
- FIX: Don't refresh all navigator tabs when changing repository view
- FIX: Duplicate items in albums combo box in tag editing dialog [1955151]
- FIX: Lyrics retrieval from LyricWiki doesn't work anymore
- FIX: Better handling of cdda2wav output on Linux systems
- FIX: Search tool field descriptions not translated [1956353]
- FIX: Split Pane Divider Position [1961908]
- FIX: Lyrics present in tags are shown faster
- FIX: Previous button didn't work well when moving songs to previous position
- FIX: Use album artist if available for folder names when exporting files
- Ukrainian translation added (thanks to Aekold Helbrass)
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