NextSensor build 0614 Final

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The best awarding-winning solution, designed for AMD processor identification. This software recognizes more than 50 various models of the AMD processors and includes over 400 OPN numbers. It reports all the technical information and technical features you need on your processor, such as processor core name, core revision, nominal processor frequency, date of announce, OPN number, etc. Besides, it estimates the QuantiSpeed Rating for processors having a Model Number. Advanced recognition methods can accurately determine mobile, desktop and server parts of AMD processors. Powerful diagnostic capabilities provide the most complete information on processor's cache memory. Central Brain Identifier is aggressively aimed to compete with well-known processor diagnostic tools.

The new beta version of Central Brain Identifier BE has been released! For the moment, CBId BE seems to be the only tool that can identify the latest single-core and dual-core AMD Family 10h processors. We have added support for single-core AMD Athlon LE and AMD Sempron LE series processors related to that family. Now using the latest CBId BE it is possible to identify dual-core AMD Athlon and quad-core AMD Phonom FX Family 10h processors! The major improvement is an ability to check DRAM timings in ganged and unganged modes! Enjoy!
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