Talisman Desktop 3.0 Beta 2 (build 3003)

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"Talisman Desktop" (Talisman) is a desktop alternative and shell-replacement for Windows 9x/ME and NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista, capable of transforming your desktop into an interface organized as you like. The program's basic purpose: Launch other applications in a new interface, instead of the standard Windows desktop. But the opportunities presented by "Talisman" are much broader. The program does not limit your computer fantasies - draw anything you like and arrange it as your imagination tells you to. When you get tired of looking at the same screen - change it all over again. If you are in a good mood - throw flowers and favorite photos on the screen. If you're not feeling so bright - leave the black screen with lonely Norton Commander or winking Bill Gates. Create invisible buttons - they will open those places and the pictures, known only to you. Construct galleries of the best pictures and photos. Simply create your own little world, created by and for you, instead of staring at the same lines of icons on your desktop, year after year.

With the help of "Talisman" you can create your own interface or use one of the hundreds ready themes that are available in our collections and in the internet. Interface (theme) is a set of screens, forms, "rooms" and objects. All these objects are interactive and respond to movements or clicks of the mouse.


- Added "Buttons" page in "Theme Manager".

- Added localization functions to "Theme Manager" and "Add Item" programs.

- Added "Copy Form" command in Ctrl+Right click menu. Now you can copy forms from one theme to another.

- Added new command "updateregistry". This command rewrite all standard Talisman registry settings including default Hotkeys and file associations.

- Added new installation option for corporate clients. Using new settings file (runonce.txt) placed in Talisman folder it is possible to copy Talisman and automatically register it on any new computer without slow setup procedure. (See detailed information in the Talisman Help file: Registration and Installation>Corporate Installation).

- Added new function "getvalue" for "setvalue" and "tobject" commands. This function allows to copy any value from one object to other. 
For example, set the same icon as on Buton1 to Button2:
setvalue desktop0.button2.icon=getvalue desktop0.button1.icon
tobject desktop0.button2.icon=getvalue desktop0.button1.icon

- Added new command 
"tobject <form>.<button>.command=browsefile [type:<filetype>]" to change a Button command string from "Browse file" dialog.
Where <filetype> may be any file extension or * to browse all files.
For example to setup the command (EXE file) for Button1. Create a Button2 with command: 
tobject desktop0.button1.command=browsefile [type:exe]

See "Media Center" theme as example (Press Ctrl+Alt+Z to show Form2).

- Fixed bug in "Add/Edit Item" dialog (not updated Icon field).

- Other changes and bug fixes.

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3.0 Beta 2 (build 3003)
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