WinSCP 4.1.4 Beta

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WinSCP is an open source free SFTP client and FTP client for Windows. Legacy SCP protocol is also supported. Its main function is safe copying of files between a local and a remote computer.


* More verbose error messages are shown when operation with local file fails.
* Improved detection of Vista for workaround for bug in it preventing selection of files with keyboard. 242
* Ignoring less than 2 seconds timestamp difference when synchronizing. 249
* Improvements to setup: 240
o Improved support for installation by non-privileged users.
o User preferences set in installer are used as defaults for all users, not only the one that has installed it.
o Option to add WinSCP path to search path is not offered if installer is not run by administrator.
o Bug fix: Installed WinSCP uses by default registry to store configuration for all users, not only the one that has installed it.
* When is forcefully terminated, winscp.exe is not left running behind anymore. 246
* Most lists can be scrolled while item is dragged, particularly stored sessions list. 241
* Whitespace is no longer required after comment line in scripting. 252
* Workarounds for OpenSSH-specific bugs are applied with Sun SSH as well. 228
* Bug fix: Drag&drop with shell extension did not work if temporary path was set in short form. 254
* Bug fix: Automatic reconnect during transfer did not work occasionally. 72
* Bug fix: Local proxy was not working at all. 244
* Bug fix: WinSCP hanged when dummy protocol command was dispatched to keep session alive, while reconnecting.
* Bug fix: WinSCP hanged when server stopped receiving data.
* Bug fix: Improved compatibility with MSVDM. Maximized main window no longer minimize into small window caption. 174
* Bug fix: Scripting command call tried to interpret command switches. 238

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4.1.4 Beta
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