IP Sniffer 1.97

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IP Sniffer is a suite of IP Tools built around a packet sniffer.


added : savetodb/loadfromdb function in bookmark window (tested with mssql oledb, mysql odbc, excel odbc (dont forget the []))
added : database objects browser
fixed : bugs in rrdtools gui
fixed : support of double values in perfmon
added : can graph an oid value in snmpget
added : block url's based on keywords in http proxy (todo : filter meta keywords)
added : can filter while loading a capture file
fixed : filter for ndis5pkt engine
fixed : capture_mode=raw by default
added : toolbarview & stayontop stored in config.ini
added : debug option in config.ini (hookwindows, hookGetProcAddress, hookmem)
modified : update to latest madexcept version 3.0h
added : arp watch
added : stp decoder
added : dot1stpporttable & stp datas
added : delete arp entry in snmp arp table
added : flood option in arp spoof
todo : mitm (handle router & victim redirection) , ipconflict (reply with ipsrc=victim & macsrc=other) attacks
added : WTSWaitSystemEvent / WTSShutdownSystem / WinStationServerPing / WTSQueryUserToken (must run as localsystem)
modified : raw_sniffer is created only on start action
fixed : print spooler is stopped/started including dependencies
added : geo locating using api.hostip.info and googlemaps

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